On this page you can find a collection of drawings that are made by Mrs. Agnes Jongmans (2-9-1881 / 8-7-1958) from galls in the surrounding of Poelgeest, Noordwijk, Katwijk, Drunen, Bloemendaal, Wassenaar, Winterswijk, and Overveen, the Netherlands. Her son, G.W.F.H. Borst Pauwels, found the collection and tried to structure all the material that consists of 104 drawings.

The drawings are given to the nature museum of Nijmegen by Mr. Borst Pauwels and besides this he scanned all the drawings and send them to me so I can show them to everybody on this website. It is also possible to watch the drawings on CD-rom at he museum.

Natuurmuseum Nijmegen 
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The Netherlands
Conservator: Wyboud Stijns,
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Except for a couple of drawings, mrs. Jongmans made all before her mariage at 15-11-1910 in Leiden with Dr. W.M.I.Borst Pauwels. This was during the period of 1907 and 1908. During that time she lived in her place of birth in Leiden. Two series of drawings have been found by Mr. G.W.F.H. Borst Pauwels. The first serie, A, he numbered 1 to 73 and the second serie, B, is numbered 74 to 104. It was probably a coincidence that the series have been found in two different mappes and they probably belong together.

In the right upper corner most of the drawings show a number. These usually refer to a number in D.H.R. von Schlechtendal uit 1891, "Die Gallbildungen der deutsche Gefässpflanzen. Zwickau". (see also "Literature")

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