Sawflies (Hymenoptera - Symphyta - Tethredinidae) look a little bit like wasps, but more blunt and the larvae look very caterpillar-like. The galls are usually more simple than cynipid galls. Many species of sawflies occur on willows and sallows. The females have a saw shaped ovipositor and gall forming is initiated when the eggs are laid, when a liquid is injected in the plant.

Blennocampa phyllocolpa is a sawfly that can be found on native species of roses, but sometimes also on garden roses. Both sides of the leaf are roled downward. The larvae is green.

Euura atra causes thickening at one side of twigs of Salix aurita. These swellings are oval and only about one and a half centimeters in length. The larvae lives at the outside of the gall first and will migrate to the center of the twig later. 

Pontania collactanea on Salix repens. 

Pontania pedunculi on Salix cinerea. 

Pontania viminalis ia a sawfly that can occur on different species of willow, like Salix fragilis.